Designer Cocktail Goodness at The Botanist

True, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and detox is le mot du janvier. But if you’ve already fallen off the health wagon, there are other ways to make yourself feel good. Until Sunday 12th February 2012, The Botanist will be serving three designer cocktails for you to enjoy guilt-free.

They’re packed with vitamins, minerals and all sorts of other goodness such as Tanqueray and vodka. So you don’t have to feel to feel too bad about having a good time. See the selection below. Don’t they look good?

Lemon Aid: a blend of apricot-infused Tanqueray and white tea syrup. Apricots are rich in potassium, a mineral known to oxygenate the brain and stimulate the kidneys while white tea syrup is found to lower cholesterol and decrease blood pressure.

Green Business: a mix of vodka; fresh cucumber; basil and spirulina powder, a dietary supplement rich in B12 which protects the liver from toxic substances and helps build more red blood cells.

Hazy Days: a delicious blitz of Tanqueray gin; green apple liqueur; fresh ginger and the superfood sun-dried goji berries, which are packed with more vitamin C than oranges, more iron than steak and more beta-carotene than a carrot.

And to accompany your refreshing cocktail choose from a range of complementary dishes from the bar menu including a H. Forman and Son’s London cured Scottish smoked salmon platter with lemon and brown bread, a seasonal salad or a charcuterie plate served with cornichons and Irish soda bread.

So, who’s in?

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