Crayfish Martini at The Kensington Hotel

Last night, I popped into The Kensington Hotel to round off the weekend at the Aubrey Doyle: the fantastic bar and restaurant which I’ve written about many times.


The evening began with a glass of champagne on my Champagne For Life card:


And as the bf and I wondered where we were going to go for something to eat as well as the fact that we couldn’t leave without tasting the crayfish martini which The Aubrey Doyle had tweeted last week, we saw some food being delivered to a couple nearby and decided to stay put.

So I ordered the goats cheese salad, which I enjoyed:


The bf ordered the Aubrey Burger, which came with its own Kensington fries:


And we both sipped our crayfish martinis:


Mine was made from vodka and the bf’s gin. To taste a vodka soaked crayfish was divine. If you like savoury martinis, this one’s worth trying.

The whole evening was such a lovely end to the weekend. Just nice and chilled with some bubbles, a good martini and some good food. Bliss.

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