Cocktails at Galante

Last night I popped into Bar Galante, which opened a few days ago on Sloane Avenue – right next door to Gaucho.


The 1920s inspired bar was an instant delight to walk into, seeing the bar staff in their white tuxedos and the cocktail waitresses in their elegant taupe dresses. The impact of the glamorous décor makes you feel as if you are transported to another era and definitely another world, rather than feeling as if you’d just stepped off the streets of Chelsea.

As we waited for our drinks to arrive, we were served a palate cleanser, which consisted of rosehip, mandarin and black tea.


A short while later, our drinks arrived. And mine was a Clarito …

… which is a somewhat Gin Martini with a lemon twist and sugar around the rim of glass. It was GOOD! I only asked for half of my glass to be sprinkled in sugar, ironically for detox reasons. Yes, I’ve cut back on refined foods but leave the gateway open for distilled delights.

The bf had ordered the Escuela Naval …


… which has become my new fave cocktail! It’s so good I had to order myself one as the bf later sipped a 7 year old Havana Club.

Here are the ingredients for the Escuela Naval and I mean it when I say it is divine!


I hadn’t carried out my research before walking into the bar, as I was simply motivated by the desire to discover the potential of a worthy cocktail destination to call my new home – which I have incidentally. But I found myself introducing myself to the Bar Director Lance Perkins and the legendary mixologist Tato Giovannoni – who had won Best Bartender of the year in Argentina for 10 years running until 2010.


We only exchanged a few words as I was leaving and the bf was picking up his coat from the cloakroom, but from what I learnt – the ethos behind Galante makes this venue my kinda place.

I really don’t want to ruin anymore of the surprise for you, because I think you need to check it out yourself. But I do have a feeling that all cocktail lovers will adore the venue and the charming staff, not to mention the cocktails.

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