Champagne For Life at Sushinho

True, I’m abstaining from booze for as long as my system can handle it. But this doesn’t mean I have to stop writing about my favourite subject. And perhaps the next couple of weeks will give me a chance to catch up on my champagne and cocktails posts!

Before Christmas and after a delicious time at Burger and Lobster, I popped into Sushinho for a glass of champagne using my Champagne For Life card.

I was with the bf who opted for a beer. Ha! It does make sense why this membership is for women only. *wink*

After my glass of champers, I moved onto cocktails and ordered a Lychee Martini! This martini wasn’t on the menu but as I searched for it, the barman asked me what I fancied. I replied, “a lychee martini” but said I couldn’t find it. The barman then said it didn’t matter and that he could make it. He spoke with such confidence, I trusted him and the result was very delicious! I’ll definitely be going back for more.

Since the place opened, I’d never really bothered popping into Sushinho for drinks before. But I’m glad my Champagne For Life card led me there. Their iPhone app is so cool. It determines your location and pinpoints all the Champagne For Life bars, clubs and hotels nearby. It makes deciding where to go so much easier. So roll on 2012 and plenty more bubbles! Let’s make this a delicious year!

*UPDATE: Since receiving a Champagne For Life card as a gift from the brand, I have had a couple of problems with bars accepting my card and I have also had to explain what the card is to venues who are on Champagne For Life’s. Before signing up for the membership, it may be worth hanging out with someone who already has one to see how it works and to see if it is for you.*

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