Brunch at Tom’s Kitchen

Yesterday’s brunch at Tom’s Kitchen was delish so of course, I feel the need to share.

We booked our table first thing in the morning and maybe because it was the first weekend after New Year, we managed to snag a place upstairs. Normally, Tom’s is very busy for weekend brunch so it’s always a good idea to book.

My choice of dishes definitely made yesterday’s brunch one of my healthiest yet(ish). I ordered the cod with pumpkin purée, with a side of spinach sautéed in garlic. That’s right, no eggs benedict or English breakfast.



Whilst the bf ordered the burger with fries. And needless to say, a few of the fries made their way to my plate!

Instead of ordering a Bloody Mary, we opted for a Vodka Soda with fresh lime, which I have decided is going to be my January drink. It’s refreshing, low calorie and doesn’t contain sugar. I knew I was never going to be completely teetotal during January. I’ve never tried before because the first month of the year is always too gloomy to not have any fun at all.


After our main courses, the bf also ordered the coffee creme brûlée, which I didn’t try but apparently it was very good!


So all in all 2012’s first brunch of the year was a success. Hopefully this is a sign of what will be a delicious year!

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