Brunch at Granger & Co

Yesterday, I attended a meeting at Granger & Co on Westbourne Grove, about exciting stuff I can’t wait for you to find out about.


I’d been to the one in Sydney many moons ago and I couldn’t wait to try this place out. Having scoped the online reviews on the way there, I was admittedly feeling slightly apprehensive. But as soon as I arrived, I could see what a popular local haunt this was.

The meeting lasted 3 and a half hours, so we saw the yummy mummies in the morning and the sophisticated lunch time crowd fill the place up.

As for the food …


I had the scrambled eggs with gravlax. I didn’t try the toast but I can vouch for the eggs, which were fantastic – as was the gravlax.


I remember being taken to Bill’s in Sydney and being told that they were the best in town. Well, these were damn fine too.

I don’t usually drink coffee but was curious to try Bill’s, which I had with soya milk. Yes, as well as yeast and rye, I’ve discovered that I have a dairy intolerance too. So tedious, but soya milk was so much better to drink because I didn’t feel bloated after.


All in all, it was a great morning. Reviews have mentioned the slow service and admittedly we did have to chase up an order later on in the morning. But other than that, we were very well looked after and our waiter was lovely and attentive. So if you’re looking for somewhere laid back with good food and surroundings, Granger & Co is definitely worth checking out.

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