Winter Garden at The Phene

Yesterday, I popped into The Phene to check out this year’s Winter Garden. It was about 4.30pm when I arrived and there was a table of people inside finishing up their lunch; a couple on the other side of the room having a drink; and a man wearing a suit, drinking a cocktail. There were also a few people outside.

I’d never seen The Phene so quiet and chilled. I’m used to going there in the evening to find a crowded bar and garden – and admittedly, I tend to pick other places as first choices. But yesterday was superb and the winter garden really made me feel festive whilst reminding  me of my impending deadline to finally deal with my Christmas shopping!

Over the last year, I’ve learned to order straight from The Phene’s cocktail menu rather than go off-piste. It’s easy that way and I started yesterday with a Passion Fruit Martini which I can wholly recommend. I then proceeded on to a couple of glasses of champagne, which felt perfect for the setting.

So all that’s left to say is that if you’ve finished work early or are taking time off over Christmas, I’d definitely recommend checking out The Phene during off peak hours. It’s a real treat.

For more photos of The Phene’s Winter Garden, click here.


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