Haché at Clapham

Last Friday, I headed over the river to Clapham to try Haché, which opened a few months ago. And what I found I liked. It’s busier and buzzier compared to the Chelsea branch and it has a fab bar.

As I sat at the bar, waiting for a free table (it’s not possible to book a table on Friday and Saturday nights), I ordered my Haché fave: Gin Buck (here’s the recipe).

For starters, the bf and I shared the Satay Style Chicken Skewers:

And for my main, I had the Lamb Moroccan burger (sans bun). The burger was mixed with spring onions, coriander and smoked paprika – and was served with a (very) spicy harissa dip:

The bf’s burger was the Steak All Day Breakfast, which included bacon, a portobello mushroom topped with a fried egg with fries on the side:

For dessert, I chose an Irish Coffee, without cream (I know, I know, it needs cream. I’m just trying to curb my indulgences):

The bf (on the other hand) ordered a yummy looking brownie:

I’m not in the Clapham area that often but when I am, at least I know somewhere reliable to go to now. What I love about Haché is that you don’t need a bun to have a worthwhile burger. The range of burgers on offer is quite vast and the flavours are quite different from the norm. Love.

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