Champers For Life

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but champagne is for life. This is my new mantra thanks to the ladies at Champagne for Life who have assisted my inauguration into this fabulous mindset.

Champagne has always been a way of life, from sipping mini Moëts through straws whilst watching Sex and the City’s first run to sharing bottles around the world at my favourite bars, which includes the Opera Bar in Sydney.

My initial champagne appreciation lends itself to Casablanca and the line from Captain Renault: “May l recommend Veuve Clicquot ´26, a good French wine,” which always leaves me feeling tingly inside.

On Sunday, I revisited The Collection to continue my champagne evolution and this time I arrived with my Champagne for Life card in hand. Champagne for Life is a lifelong membership for women only. The subscription fee is £500 and it allows members to receive one free glass of champagne every day for the rest of their lives.

The only condition when claiming the free glass of champers is that another glass of bubbles would have to be purchased, either by the member themselves or by an accompanying non-member: a somewhat two for one deal. And given the selection of venues which have already signed up to this scheme, you’ll hardly be in a rush to leave any of these fabulous bars.

As well as The Collection, other local venues include Boujis, The Botanist, Sushinho and Blakes Hotel. There are other bars around London, from Battersea to Soho and from the City to mainland Europe. And if you’re in the area, Champagne for Life’s smartphone app will flag up all their nearby venues. Now that’s amazing service for you. Clinks glasses!

*UPDATE: Since receiving a Champagne For Life card as a gift from the brand, I have had a couple of problems with bars accepting my card and I have also had to explain what the card is to venues who are on Champagne For Life’s list. Before signing up for the membership, it may be worth hanging out with someone who already has one to see how it works and to see if it is for you.*

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