The Rolling Stones at Proud Chelsea

Last night, I popped into a private viewing for the latest exhibition at Proud Chelsea on King’s Road, which explores The Rolling Stones’ years with Decca records: 1962-1971.

© Michael Joseph/Raj Prem Collection

The works of legendary music photographers include Gered Mankowitz, Dominique Tarlé and Michael Cooper. And the exhibition chronicles The Rolling Stones’ rise to fame.

Even if you’re not a Stones fan, it can’t be denied that these photographs are a visual treat. From the fabulous set pieces of the Beggars Banquet (as above) to the stolen behind the scene moments during rehearsals, as well as touching shots of Keith Richards with his son and Mick Jagger on the Performance film set. There is a real sense of romanticism amongst all these photos, which paint a softer side to the original bad boys of rock.

I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to see this exhibition, given that it’s been on since September. Now that it ends on Sunday, I’m really glad I did. In terms of rock-u-mentary, it isn’t really the same for today’s musicians for the main reason that a certain romance has been robbed with the rise of the paparazzi.

This exhibition on the other hand reminds us of the pedestal rock stars were placed upon and the charisma they oozed with their legendary aura. This isn’t one to be  missed.

Raj Prem Fine Art Photography Presents The Decca Years: The Rolling Stones 1962 – 1971, Proud Chelsea, 15th September – 23rd October 2011,

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