The Brompton at The Oratory

Yesterday, I returned my pretty Brompton bike to Bikeminded‘s HQ. But not before taking her on a visit to The Brompton Oratory. Yes, I was an Oratory girl so it only made sense that the two Bromptons met.

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the tall walls of The Brompton Oratory?

A gorgeous garden.

I’ve loved being a Bike Hero and am grateful to Bikeminded for inviting me to be part of their campaign. And even though I’ve returned my Brompton bike, I think I may still keep my cycling posts going. Cycling is the best way to get around London and if kitted up properly, it’s not so bad in the winter either.

If you’re a cyclist or even slighty curious about cycling in the borough, check out Bikeminded’s website and keep an eye out for details on their fabulous cycle tours. The Halloween one is already booked up but word on the street is that Bikeminded have more tour ideas up their sleeves!

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