Kensington Place Relaunches

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the relaunch party for the Kensington Place. Relaunch, really? A colleague had asked me if Kensington Place had actually closed down, he was slightly mortified at this thought because there was a particular barman at this established Notting Hill brasserie who, according to him, had once made him the best Old Fashion in London. Much to his relief, Kensington Place’s revamp was related to its 25th anniversary celebration. It certainly wasn’t going anywhere.

Kensington Place opened its doors in 1987 and at the time was considered the first modern British brasserie in London. So, understandably it deserved a modern day facelift, which had been overseen by British Designer Polly Dickens: formerly the creative director of The Conran Shop. The once hard, cold steel look of Kensington Place’s interior has become warmer and now invites communal dining and the comfort of banquette seating.

But the transformation isn’t purely cosmetic; the recently appointed head chef Dan Loftin has introduced a new menu that places a strong emphasis on fish and shellfish. There will still be classic brasserie dishes on the menu of course, so steak frites, roast rump and confit shoulder of lamb are some of the selections you can choose from.

Still, it does make sense that the menu has taken a direction towards fish given its Fish Shop next door whose manager Fredrik Lindfor is 2011 UK’s British Oyster Opening Champion. So it looks like Kensington Place is aging gracefully and its evolution is taking a natural progression. Happy Birthday!

The Fish Shop is open Tuesday to Saturday and takes same day deliveries. Free local delivery on orders over £15. Tel: 020 7243 6626. Kensington Place is open for lunch Tuesday to Sunday and dinner Monday to Saturday.

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