Noor Jahan: My favourite Indian restaurant

There used to be a time when the Indian restaurant on everyone’s lips was Star of India but as I walked past it the other night and noticed how quiet it was, I wondered why.

Then I stepped into Noor Jahan and found it was busy; so busy that I noticed a couple sitting at the bar later in the evening and leaving. They couldn’t wait any longer. We had luckily arrived when there were just a couple of tables free; sometimes we’re not so lucky.

That night I ordered my favourite dish for my main: the Salli Boti, which consists of lamb cooked with onions and spices, sweetened with apricots and topped with crunchy straw potatoes.

So why do I like Noor Jahan so much? Because it’s just such a pleasure to dine here. There’s always a good atmosphere and the owner is really friendly. A great sign about this place is the amount of regulars that hang out here. You can spot them as they’re greeted almost like friends when they take their seats.

The restaurant isn’t fussy and the food is good. What more can you ask for?

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