Chelsea’s Café Cruise!

After a few days back from my fabulous sailing holiday, there was no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than to go on a café cruise!

What exactly is a café cruise? Think a cycle tour of deliciousness to include coffee, cupcakes and macaroons. It was divine! As the hectic last few days of catching up with work and play swept over me, over a dozen of us were led through the backstreets of Kensington and Chelsea by Bikeminded who had organised the cycle ride.

We ate cake, swapped bikes, discussed cycle chic and had the traffic stopped for us as we crossed junctions en masse. We also enjoyed valet parking. Bliss!

I am tempted to write about the places we visited and the flavours we tasted but Bikeminded are organising another café cruise on 8th October and I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you.

Bikeminded’s other cycle ride in October is The Ghost Tour, which takes place on 27th October. Each bike will be decorated with light tubes and cyclists will be taken on a tour of the haunted spots within the Royal Borough. There will be storytellers and perhaps a few fancy dressed cyclists and I can’t wait to be part of something that lights up the streets of Chelsea.

I love cycling. It’s the best way to beat the traffic and whether I am eating cake and burning the calories as I cycle on to the next cake shop or whether I am being told spooky stories with my bike dressed up in lights, I just think it’s fantastic that cycle fun has come to the area.

And to book your place on Bikeminded’s next Kensington and Chelsea Café Cruise, which takes place on 8th October, click here.

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