Dealing with A&E at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

So, my first night back in Chelsea after my sailing trip and I find myself in A&E at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. I don’t know how to write about this except to describe myself as a bonafide dufus for running straight into a low door frame. I ducked too soon and came up, slamming my head against the beam, with so much force I was feeling all kinds of strange things.

Anyways, I’m fine even though I was being constantly reminded that you can’t be too careful with a head injury.

So the point of this post? Well, anyone who has waited in A&E will know how it can take hours to be seen and you get hungry, right? All I can say is, thank goodness for Carluccio’s across the road. Whilst others were eating their Tesco sarnies or chocolate bars from the machine, I was enjoying my Cosce De Pollo Ripiene and San Pellegrino.

Of course, a martini delivery service would have also been most welcomed!

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