Steak at Goodman, Oh My!

OMG, I’ve fallen in love with the New York Sirloin at Goodman! That is all.

No, but really I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this steak since my first visit to Goodman in Mayfair a couple of weeks ago. And since then I’ve struggled to order any red meat in a restaurant. Even when I was in Turkey last week, I was comparing my lamb shish to the succulent and silky texture of Goodman’s amazing steak. I spent most of my time in Turkey eating fish and seafood. Safe bet!

So, I’m doomed. There really isn’t any going back for me. The truffle chips are also verrry special as is the Goodman Martini, which I had dirty. The olives are stuffed with blue cheese.

As for service, amazing! Our table wasn’t ready when we arrived (slightly early), so we popped into a pub nearby and one of Goodman’s staff dropped by to tell us our table was now ready but to not rush.

Our waiter explained the differences between each steak on the menu which was such an indulgence, especially for the bf! Total steak geek out.

The waiter also kindly hinted that perhaps ordering a starter would be too much for us and he was so right. Our steaks, truffle chips and spinach, creamed with gruyere cheese, were enough. The bf had the Goodman Rib-Eye, which he loved and which the guys next to us had also ordered. Apparently, this is a real guy’s steak.

All in all, a sublime dining experience!

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