DV8 Summer Party at Juju

I’m in a bit of a quandary because I’m not sure whether to hang around for The Olympics next year.  The fact is that I don’t have any tickets. So when the barricades were being laid out along the Fulham Road on Saturday, I was excited to have the option of stepping out of my flat and enjoying at least one event.


But as I headed along the empty streets on Sunday morning, to watch the cyclists make their way towards Surrey, I overheard a security warden express her concern at the lack of turn out. Whilst Putney was enjoying its street party and crowds were gathering at Hampton Court, Chelsea’s Olympic spirit was fast asleep; only to be slightly awakened as the cyclists headed back towards Pall Mall.

And I couldn’t help but wonder if the bodies lined up along Fulham Road were merely stopping by, on their way to brunch. There really wasn’t a sense of occasion in Chelsea, except for on Friday night.
The highlight of the Olympic weekend was DV8 Fulham’s summer party at Juju. The local magazine, which keeps everyone up to speed on the A-Z of clubs and parties, had organised their night in conjunction with Team Boulton-Johns GB Beach Volleyball Team. This of course meant that volleyball players from around the world descended onto King’s Road. There was a great turn out!

I guess one doesn’t really need to hang out in Chelsea for the Olympics. But given Sunday’s traffic disaster, that stretched as far back as Kingston apparently, I’m not so sure travelling around London would be much fun. The other option would be to leave town and celebrate from afar, unless say Duke of York Square resurrected their big screen again. Now, that could be fun!

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