Cocktails at The Connaught

Last night, I met up with Lady Sloane and Mr. Mayfair for pre-dinner cocktails at the Connaught Bar. Goodness knows I’d been looking forward to this mini tweet up since London’s lockdown on Monday. Not having had any wine in the flat on Monday night, the vision of the martini trolley at The Connaught was the beacon that helped me through the week.

The Connaught Bar's Martini Trolley

This was my first time at The Connaught for cocktails. I usually stay on the periphery of Mayfair for hotel bars. So my first peruse through the cocktail menu was slightly overwhelming … in a very good way. What to pick?!

In the end, I opted for the Connaught Collins for Round 1 and my old fave, a Dirty Martini for Round 2. As I’ve probably blogged in the past, I like to order my staple drink when I discover somewhere new. It helps me grasp the measure of the bar. And on both counts, old and new choices … I loved!

The Connaught Collins was a refreshing drink and I do love a cocktail with bitters. The Dirty Martini went down smoothly. The martini wasn’t drowned in olive brine, neither was the the olive completely missing from the drink: both circumstances are quite familiar when ordering this drink.

Round 1

Round 2

Upon leaving the bar, everyone was offered recipe cards for the cocktails they ordered. Such a major win and a great souvenir. Here is the recipe for the Mayfair Delight which Mr. Mayfair thoroughly enjoyed. And likewise, the whole experience was exactly that: a veritable Mayfair delight!

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