Bikeminded Post: Chelsea’s back streets to the West End

Have you spotted me on my Brompton bike yet?

When I first took up cycling a few years ago, I was petrified. I hated the idea of cycling so close to heavy traffic as I was trying to gain my confidence on two wheels. But then I discovered TFL’s free cycle maps, which highlighted the quieter roads and green spaces I could cycle through.

At the time, I was working in Clerkenwell and as soon as I discovered my back street cycle route from Chelsea to Farringdon Road, I also learned that cycling was just as quick, if not quicker than taking the tube. The added bonus was that I could cycle through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park in the mornings and the evenings and not have to stand on tube platforms, stressing about overcrowding or more delays.

The cycle route from Chelsea to the West End is simple:

  • Cycle along Beaufort Street (away from King’s Road)
  • Cycle up Drayton Gardens
  • Cross the junction into Bina Gardens
  • Take a right at Wetherby Gardens
  • Then left onto Ashburn Place
  • Cycle across the special cycle island onto Grenville Place
  • Take a right onto Southwell Gardens
  • Take a left onto Gloucester Road
  • Right onto Elvaston Place
  • Left onto Queengate Mews
  • Cycle across into Kensington Gardens through Queens Gate
  • Take a right along Kensington Gore
  • Cycle to the end and cross at the traffic lights when you cycle out of the gates
  • Take an immediate left, with Hyde Park on your right (you should be on a cycle path by now)
  • Take a right into Hyde Park
  • Follow Hyde Park right round until you arrive at Brook Gate
  • Et voila! Brook Gate … Your gateway to Mayfair and the rest of the West End

This is a popular cycle route and if you follow this path at rush hour, you’ll have the safety of other bikes around you. And if you fancy a test ride, don’t forget there’s a test Olympics swimming race tomorrow (Saturday 13th August) at Hyde Park. More details here.

For more RBKC cycle posts and tips, check out Bikeminded’s website here.

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