Sushi pop up at The Bluebird Food Store

Last night was the launch party for the sushi pop up at The Bluebird Food Store. The sushi was provided by King’s Road’s Sushinho. There was live Brazilian music and Caipirinhas flowed the entire evening.

And yes that’s right, the theme of the night was Brazil, not Japan. That’s because the sushi from Sushinho comes with a Brazilian twist. This association isn’t so random when you consider the large Japanese population in Brazil (which I hadn’t realised until now).

So how does Sushinho’s fare measure up to our traditional expectations of sushi? Very well indeed! Who would ‘ve thought you could have a slice of strawberry on your sushi roll, which is filled with prawn? And when it comes to old faves such as the california roll, there is nothing predictable about Sushinho’s version: seriously good.

Bluebird’s sushi pop up will be continuing throughout July (2011). And if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know what a sushi fiend I am. So it must be said, Sushinho at Bluebird is definitely a great addition to King’s Road!

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