Shopping for Henley Regatta

Sometimes it pays to barely have free time on your hands! This afternoon, I dashed along King’s Road to buy myself a dress and shoes for the Henley Regatta, which I’ll be attending tomorrow.

I had a vague criteria for my shopping and popped into a few places, hoping something would catch my eye. I had totally forgotten about the Sales. I was on a mission and I had a couple of hours to complete my task; talk about leaving it to the last minute!

So needless to say, I was more than pleased to have found my Henley wardrobe and at a fraction of the price of what I would have paid, if I had been organised for this weekend.

My criteria:

1. The dress had to be over-knee length because I’d be propping up various bars within the Stewards’ Enclosure. I’ve been to Henley a couple of times and from what I’ve seen, it’s not worth trying to escape the glare of the Knee Police. They stand there at the gates and they walk around within the enclosure. Every year people are turned away and have to make a dash into the town centre to replace their trouser suit or buy a longer dress. The Knee Police won’t care if you’re wearing Chanel.

Thing is, I’m not really a big maxi dress fan either. I think they suit very few women. For the rest of us, they just seem like large swathes of cloth covering our bodies; more like sacks than dresses. So, my challenge was to find something that covered the knees and was still pretty. More difficult than one would assume.

2. My other issue was shoes. Heels are a big no at Henley. Try walking across the grass in Battersea Park and you’ll see why. The first time I attended the Regatta, I wore a pair of tall, skinny heels. With each step I took, I understood why seasoned goers opted for flats.

As I embarked on my quest, I discovered that I wasn’t the only last-minute-dot-com shopper on the street. And after a few considerations, I finally made my selection.

My shopping:

Silk Habotai Tiered Dress from Jigsaw

Silk Habotai Tiered Dress at Jigsaw. Down from £148 to £39.

Juliet Sandal at L.K. Bennett












Juliet Sandal at L.K. Bennett. Down from £130 to £95.


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