King’s Road Rocks … It sure does!

So last week I celebrated my first Twitterversary with a competition and fabulous prizes from the amazing Aubrey Doyle Bar and Restaurant at The Kensington Hotel. And all the my Twitter followers had to do was tweet me why they think King’s Road Rocks!

So who were the winners?

For the cocktails master class with award winning Alessandro Pizzoli:

RT @xCharlieAngelx@kingsroadrocks the Kings Road ROCKS because it’s the birthplace of Punk & fashion thanks to the iconic Malcolm McLaren’s boutique SEX!

This tweet defined King’s Road at one of its most rocking times in history. King’s Road was the home of punk because of SEX and it wasn’t just the Sex Pistols who hung out here. Chrissie Hynde also worked in the shop at some point. For the brief time it was opened, SEX sold festish and bondage gear which inspired Punk fashion. SEX eventually became Vivienne Westwood’s first fashion boutique called World’s End. And today, it is probably still the most original shop on the King’s Road, especially with its iconic clock; and not to mention the birthplace of a fashion empire.

For the afternoon tea for two:

RT @_Nielsen@kingsroadrocks #kingsroad rocks because it is the only Road in London (or maybe the UK) where it housed a tame lion known as Christian!

How random is this!  The story is two friends bought a lion cub from the Harrods pet department in 1969 and kept it in the basement of their furtniture shop on the King’s Road. The lion grew and was eventually returned to Kenya. This story about Christian the lion lives on in a film that was made about the reunion between the lion and his former owners. Here is a clip of the film on You Tube.

For the dinner for two:

RT @chelseablack@kingsroadrocks whilst it attracts lots of visitors it hasn’t lost that community feel of going to your local. And our own dept store? Lush.

So true! Every Saturday and Sunday, the King’s Road is filled with art lovers, cocktail fiends, foodies and shoppers. But King’s Road is also very much about the local too. I LOVE Peter Jones, especially the top floor restaurant with its rooftop Chelsea views and I have a lifetime of memories along the King’s Road that could happen anywhere in the world: first kiss, first cinema trip, the daily walk to school and back, sports days. The list is endless. So perhaps as they say, King’s Road isn’t just for shopping, it’s for life. *cheese*


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