Girly Catch up at Feng Sushi

Last night I popped into Feng Sushi on the Fulham Road, with a girlfriend who’d just moved over from Italy. Yay!

I had been here since the revamp earlier this year (there’s plenty more space in the back half), but it had completely slipped my attention that Feng Sushi served cocktails. Why hadn’t I noticed this before? Whilst my friend opted for a ginger beer based cocktail and later a lemon drop cocktail, which were both refreshing, I stuck with the Lychee Martini.

The Lychee Martini is one of my fave cocktails ever but I hadn’t found anywhere in Chelsea that served it, until now. Win! I hate asking bar staff to make me a martini that isn’t on the list because more often than not, you get that glazed look as they try to figure out the ingredients. The amount of Dirty Martini misses is quite depressing.

But this Lychee Martini was a hit! Feng Sushi has now distinguished itself from the other local take-away sushi chains. Though I think you can only order the cocktails when eating in. It’s worth checking. I’m still waiting for a Martini delivery service. They have them in New York. Anyone?

As for the food menu, I’m discovering that each sushi house in Chelsea has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to order correctly. Feng Sushi on the whole is a safe bet. You know you’re not going to be completely disappointed with your order. But if you want to take your experience up a notch, here are my recommendations:

Cleansea YellowTail Upside Down, which consists of slices of cucumber with yellowtail sashimi topped with salad of wakame, pickled jalapeno, coriander, avocado & yuzu kimchee dressing.

Spicy Crispy Baby Squid, which involves tempura with cucumber salad, rice and Feng Sushi’s dipping sauce.

Superior Californian: soft shell crab, white crab claw meat, avocado, yuzu tobiko & Japanese Thousand Island dressing

218 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9NB, 020 7795 1900. 

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