Event: Gabriella Ellis at Juju

On Wednesday night, the place to be was at the KingsRoad.co.uk party at Juju, winner of Best Bar 2011 at The London Bar and Club Awards. KingsRoadRocks reports from the front line.

In the past Juju has also won an Outstanding Mixology award and another for Best New Bar but admittedly until last night, I hadn’t understood why this place was so exceptional. I had visited it once before, on a Saturday night but the atmosphere felt somewhat lacking as it tried to establish itself along Chelsea’s main strip, which we all have to admit inhabits quite a tough crowd.

But finally, it all clicked into place: why Juju deserves its success. Whilst its interior has always been slick, its design proved its ability to handle a busy night. With a dance floor, where Gabriella Ellis of Made in Chelsea fame performed impressively at one end, and comfortable seating throughout, Juju is a great party venue.

As for the well placed bar that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the party, this is where Juju’s real magic is found. The bar staff’s ability to deliver consistently on the quality of their cocktails was remarkable given the endless thirst they’d created by making us all want more.

The Porn Star Martini was the night’s favourite. I’m not sure at which point I should confess my faux pas in knocking back the champagne shot before sipping the Passion Fruit Martini. Apparently, the shot is supposed to be sipped in conjunction with the cocktail, to allow their flavours to fuse. Needless to say, after this initial error, I left plenty of room to practice as the night went on.

Juju opened in 2009 and over time, it has allowed the quality of its cocktails and venue to successfully develop its reputation. And after a great night I’m sure to return enthusiastically.

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