Cocktails at London’s First Boutique Hotel!

The Capital Hotel was London’s first boutique hotel and is located off Sloane Street, right behind Harrods. And I discovered it the other day for guess what? Cocktails!

Actually, I only had one cocktail because of a heavy night the night before. But it was delicious and I have to tell you about this place.

I had an Apple Martini which was exactly what I needed: refreshing and light! But I wouldn’t stop there, if you’re about to discover the bar at The Capital.

This year, the hotel celebrates 40 years with a cocktail menu from the 70’s, including classic faves such as Tom Collins and Harvey Wallbanger. From the menu, The Godfather intrigued me the most with its Famous Grouse and Ameretto combo.

Also if you’re a whisky fan, The Capital has the most extensive whisky collection I’ve ever seen. The bottles have accumlated over the years and the number of pages dedicated to the types of whisky on offer is quite amazing.

The bar is quite small, so perfect for intimate drinks or small groups of friends. It’s a great little hide away from the Knightsbridge crowds.

The Capital Hotel, 22-24 Basil St, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1AT

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