Chelsea Gyms: King’s Road and Beyond

Recently in the gym, I ended up talking to a woman about how ‘comfortable’ us females generally become when in a long term relationship; and how it takes being single or something quite dramatic (like an increase in dress size) to stop taking ourselves for granted. So from now on, I’ve decided to hold as much importance to spinning classes as I do, cocktails! It just has to be done.

So, where are the gyms in Chelsea?

Well, KX (pronounced ‘kicks’) is the Mother of Chelsea gyms. Located on Brompton Cross, this is where Kylie and Gwyneth have been spotted; just to name a couple of celebrities who have stepped over their threshold. KX isn’t your average gym; it’s a haven. You’re working out in luxurious surroundings here.

But if the membership fees are slightly out of budget there is a non-members’ area: KX Spa, which is easily one of the most luxurious places to be pampered in Chelsea.

Chelsea Sports Centre sits just off the King’s Road alongside the entrance to the Chelsea Town Hall. It has a public swimming pool which is used during the day, by the schools in the area (there are a couple of lanes reserved for public swimmers). This is where I learnt to swim as a kid!

After work, the pool gets busy because of the private lessons and post-work rush. The best time to swim here is later in the evening from 8pm onwards, when the swimming pool is quieter.

Upstairs, there is a gym and studio. If you want to book a football pitch on St. Luke’s Playground, this is where you go. There is also an indoor pitch where (I think) they also play badminton and have karate lessons.

If you’re into spinning (which I am), there are no spinning machines (at the time of writing this post – please double check with the sports centre however); so it’s worth finding out if you can use your membership card at an affiliated gym. This used to be the case but I’m not so sure anymore, since its takeover from GLL.

LA Fitness in South Kensington: A friend of mine is a member and loves this gym. It has everything he needs. I haven’t been here but if you’re going to try it out, summer is definitely the best time to. Check out their website for their special short term (no contract) deals.

Virgin Active on Fulham Road: I considered this gym recently but decided not to join because I really wanted to find a place that did Body Combat classes, which they didn’t at the time of looking and when writing this post. They do have kettlebells though and my neighbour swears by their classes. For the yummy mummies, apparently there’s also a great crèche here.

Gyms beyond Chelsea:

British Military Fitness: I went on holiday with a few friends recently and one of them has turned into a serious fitty. Her body is beyond amazing and she trains with BMF in Battersea Park. She is walking testament that BMF produces results.

Fitrooms on North End Road is an independent gym, which means it has quite a personal feel to it. Their classes are also slightly different to most gyms, with plenty of boxing-type sessions on the timetable. There is also more of a focus on pilates rather than yoga, unlike other places.

Click here for the gyms’ contact details.

UPDATE: Since writing this post I’ve joined Virgin Active and moved to The Kensington Club, which you can read about here. It might also be worth keeping an idea on other Gym-related posts which you can find here.

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