Supper at The Henry Root

Nestled in between the King’s Road and Fulham Road, The Henry Root is somewhere I’ve been meaning to visit, since it opened last year.

Upon arriving, the first thing that struck me about this place was how laid back it was. It wasn’t fighting for space and cluttered and it wasn’t oversized with a sense of emptiness. It was almost as if The Henry Root had been here for years and felt comfortable in its own skin. Loving the décor, it wasn’t a surprise that the dining area filled up very quickly on a Saturday night. So there were people who knew about this place? Even though it was slightly off the beaten track?

Looking at the menu, I felt quite spoilt for choice with the starters. In the end, I chose the seared squid, chorizo & red pepper dressing whilst the bf ordered the ballotine of rabbit with prunes & toast. I’d never considered squid with chorizo and had never imagined rabbit with prunes. But these ingredients worked well together and both were deliciously wonderful.

For mains, I had the roast sea bass with cucumber & beetroot, tomato & lentil relish. The bf ordered the seared pork belly, apples, peas, black pudding & parsley liquor. We shared a bowl of chips between us. Again, both dishes came up trumps. I anticipated food envy, unable to order the pork belly guilt-free because of my supposed bikini diet but whilst I really enjoyed two tastings (err, yes, it was really good) – of the pork belly which was succulent and tasty, I didn’t regret choosing the sea bass. The fish was cooked perfectly and the relish was scrumptious.

My choice of dessert was strawberry jelly, vanilla ice-cream & nougatine and it is quite safe to say this dish has redefined the meaning of jelly for me. This jelly had texture and was clearly made from fresh strawberries. The bf chose the chef’s signature dessert dish, Sang’s ‘Snickers’ bar parfait, which we were warned could start a domestic. And it almost did. It was so good that I wanted to throw out all good intentions and dive into a plate of indulgent badness. Needless to say, he had other ideas and did well to protect his dish.

Following a couple of glasses of champagne at the beginning, we shared a bottle of 2008 Soave Colli Scaglieri to accompany our starters and mains. And for our desserts, I had a glass of 2009 Moscato D’Asti, Bittorio Bera and the bf had a glass of Pedro Ximenez San Emilio: all great choices. Thank you Georgia for recommending the dessert wines!

Whilst the entire restaurant was filled, the evening felt very relaxed. Apparently, Saturday nights are when families pop in. In fact, bf is keen to bring his parents here and this is the first time he’s wanted to suggest a Chelsea restaurant to his folks. His mother’s favourite restaurant in the area is La Famiglia. Quality is important and so is atmosphere; authenticity is key.

Apparently, Friday nights are when it kicks off here. The Manager calls it Party Night and I already have plans to bring friends down. But first thing first, the next time I spend a weekend on home turf, we’re making a beeline for brunch at The Henry Root. I’ve seen this place buzzing at brunch time, now I want to have a try.

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