King’s Road Vintage Heaven: Steinberg & Tolkien

by Chelsea Girl on June 13, 2011

Who remembers Steinberg & Tolkein on King’s Road? Vintage heaven which closed its doors in 2007? Just this evening, I came across my Steinberg & Tolkein t-shirt as I was (and still am) sifting through my summer tops:

I remember when news about the shop’s closing had stunned Chelsea’s locals. I remember stepping in and asking one of the shop assistants, just as someone else was asking another assistant, why this treasure trove of history and fashion was shutting down. Today, Steinberg & Tolkein is but a distant memory to those who were lucky enough to have visited it.

If you never managed to step inside this magnificant fashionista haven, read this Time Out article. It pretty much sums up why Steinberg & Tolkein was a veritable King’s Road gem!

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