Sophy Robson Nails at Hari’s Hairdressers

Yesterday afternoon, I finally had the chance to discover the wonders of Sophy Robson Nails at Hari’s King’s Road. I’d already perused Sophy’s fabulous blog upon hearing murmurings of her much anticipated move into SW10 but as I stepped into Hari’s basement, I still had no idea about my choice of colour or pattern.

But this didn’t matter. Timi, my manicurist, was great company to have as I tried to figure out which design to choose from. It was also clear that Timi was passionate about pushing the boundaries with her artistry, which made it all the more fun. Before the polish was applied, Timi first prepared my nails and gave me an amazing hand massage, which was blissful. And once my hands were ready and completely devoid of tension, we discussed ideas and patterns for my nails.

White angel wings on a shocking pink background (the reverse of my Chelsea Girl logo) was a serious contender but in the end, I opted for the popular black dots on a pink background for all but my middle fingers, which were tipped with white and had a sparkly bow added to each of them.

Admittedly, I have always liked to play it safe (and relatively plain) with my nails. But since yesterday, I have absolutely loved looking down at my hands (especially when typing away) and seeing the vibrancy of colourful patterns dancing upon the keyboard.

Sophy Robson’s nails aren’t just fun and eye catching. They’re stylish and the perfect way to keep colour in your life.

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