Mike Figgis: Kate and Other Women at The Little Black Gallery

On Saturday afternoon, I went along to Mike Figgis’ signing for his book The 4 Dreams of Miss X at The Little Black Gallery.

There were a couple of reasons why I was so excited. Firstly, Leaving Las Vegas, which was written and directed by Figgis, is one of my favourite films ever and secondly, I remembered Figgis’ Agent Provocateur campaign with Kate Moss being simply stunning.

Upstairs of The Little Black Gallery, Figgis’ large framed images of Other Women such as a very sexy Eva Green dominated the room. In the basement of this intimate exhibition space, photographs on a smaller scale covered the walls. They included stills of Kate Moss as well as a couple of Bob Carlos Clarke taken locally, amongst other photos.

On one of the basement walls Figgis’ film also called The 4 Dreams of Miss X with Kate Moss playing the title character is shown on a screen. The basement atmosphere was a perfect home for this haunting film.

The book includes the DVD of The 4 Dreams of Miss X

As for Mike Figgis himself, what a lovely guy! Admittedly, I was glad that he hadn’t remembered me from a party many moons ago after I had sipped way too many Tequila Sunrises at The Waldorf Hotel and had told him, slightly over effusively, how much I loved his work. A few moons later, I had spotted him at The Hackney Empire whilst watching Asian Dub Foundation play a live mix over a screening of The Battle of Algiers. So it was an amazing delight to see him on my home turf and in such a fabulous space.

I kept my conversation polite. We talked about Twitter and I took a photo. And whilst I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas as well as stay in a hotel surrounded by desert, it was inspiring to see the man who defined Vegas for me come to Chelsea. What a fabulous experience!

Mike Figgis: Kate and Other Women runs until 30 July 2011.

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