Chelsea Farmers Market

I have always loved Chelsea Farmers Market! From when I used to walk through this maze of shops and restaurants as a child to early this evening as I enjoyed a Vodka Martini with a lemon twist. I have always considered Chelsea Farmers Market the heart of Chelsea. I’m not sure if it’s because of my strong childhood association with this place but I’ve always been drawn back here. I used to go to Oratory Primary School off Sydney Street, so the Market was always an entertaining short cut onto the King’s Road. Whatever the reason, the fact is Chelsea Farmers Market is definitely Chelsea’s al fresco venue for the summer.

There are a few other great outdoor venues in Chelsea such as Riccardo’s, The Anglesea and The Sporting Page. But nothing beats the pumping music and buzzy atmosphere of Chelsea Farmers Market on a weekend afternoon.

Admittedly, it is a nightmare to get a table at lunchtime but if you manage to grab a table or turn up a couple of hours later, this is where you’d want to spend the rest of the afternoon.

This afternoon reminded me of a Sydney pub vibe, specifically The Wheatsheaf in Double Bay where there is a city outdoor party vibe that doesn’t really exist anywhere else in Chelsea.

For example, when The Bluebird forecourt looked like this:

Chelsea Farmers Market looked like this:

These photos were taken several minutes apart.

Chelsea Farmers Market seems to attract the locals who make a beeline for this place. It’s Chelsea’s worst kept secret and all I can say is British Summer Time in Chelsea, bring it on!

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