Espresso Martini at Brinkley’s

Brinkley’s is one of my favourite local cocktail haunts. It doesn’t matter which day of the week it is, this place is always rocking at night; and just because it doesn’t have the space of a nightclub, it doesn’t stop people from dancing. The clientele at Brinkley’s is very much local and there is always a feeling here that the party is happening away from the rest of the world.

I usually go to Brinkley’s on a school night but the other week, after a day of Sunday shopping, we decided to pop in for an afternoon drink.  There was a football match on the screen (Arsenal lost!) and as two girls gossiped at the next table and a number of guys around the bar watched the football, I decided to order an Espresso Martini with the bf.
Actually, I ended up having two Espresso Martinis and by the end of the second one, I started to remember that a bar didn’t determine the quality of the drink, the bartender did.
As for the drinks I ordered, the first martini was deceptively easy to drink. It was quite sweet and very easy to knock back. The martini lacked the bitter edge that a coffee lover would appreciate whilst there was nothing to suggest this was an alcoholic drink.
The second martini was quite different altogether. It had a subtle bitterness that gave the drink edge and the experience was slowly sipping rather than mindlessly knocking back.
Admittedly, there was a level a naivety with my first drink.  It wasn’t an innocent glass of coffee and the second martini made me realise that. Needlessly to say, I was tipsy before supper time.
Overall, the experience was delicious and as always at Brinkley’s it was a great pleasure. But if I can remember the next time I come across a good cocktail, I will try to note the person who made it as well as the bar.
First espresso martini …
Second espresso martini …

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