Wine to go!

Sometimes there are those nights when you just want to stay in with a bottle of wine and find a good film on TV. That was Friday night. The film was Brokeback Mountain, which the boyfriend had yet to see, and the choice of wine was Fairhills.

Fairhills is a Fairtrade label and whilst nowadays I avoid brands such as Gap and Primark as well as fast food chains (unless I’m picking up a straw for a mini bottle of Moet), the fact is I have never drunk a Martini and wondered about its contribution to world peace.

But as we opened up the wine on Friday night, I realised that it was possible to indulge and do some good. The wine was delicious and at the same time, we were giving back to the South African community that was responsible for it.

The Colombard Sauvignon Blanc 2010 had an inviting fruity fragrance. Its taste was crisp whilst its delicious flavours lingered at the back of the palette. This was a complex white wine that had a zesty bite.

As for the red, which I sneaked in at lunchtime, the Shiraz Pinotage had more oakiness to its fragrance and depth of taste. This was another safe bet.

So where does this all fit in with the Chelsea scene? The answer is Waitrose on the King’s Road where you can buy Fairhills from. I’ve been going there since they had the slopey thing instead of the snacks shelving opposite the sandwiches. I used to slide down it repeatedly as I waited for my mother to shop, after she picked me up from primary school. This Waitrose branch means a lot to me. So, it is great to think that there is a supermarket chain that is conscientious about the farmers in both this country and around the world. And in the meantime, we don’t have to compromise our tastebuds to have a good time (at an affordable price). Win!

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