Saturday Sewing Session

On Saturday, I popped into Love Bakery to pick up a few cupcake treats and to my delight, I came across a flyer for Saturday Sewing Session. Ok, so sewing may not seem rock and roll but when Sweat Shop opened in Paris last year, I had wondered how long it would take for café couture to hit our local streets and now it has!

So what is Saturday Sewing Session? Firstly, it takes place in a pub: The Chelsea Ram. It is described as an intimate one day workshop that will cover the basics of using a sewing machine as well as provide you with the chance to create something yourself. With lunch, tea and cake also provided in the price, this feels more like a gathering of like-minded DIY fashionistas or domestic godesses rather than a less socially driven evening class.

Saturday Sewing Session gets my vote!

Saturday Sewing Session Website.

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