Mori Sushi

So take-away sushi has finally arrived on the King’s Road and I’m impressed. Upon walking in, the atmosphere was instantly different to the bright lights of Feng Sushi and Itsu. This place has more of an atmosphere. And whilst space isn’t at a premium, there are seating options: bar stools or a more leisurely seat at one of the tables, to make Mori an inviting place to stop at. Of course, it is equally possible to grab a sushi box or few from the shelves and buy at the counter.

So what about the food? Well, the sashimi was divine; a real melt in your mouth experience. The prawn crystal roll, filled with sweet prawn, carrot, beetroot, pickled ginger, avocado with a spicy mayo dip, was also a delightful surprise.

I also ordered the udon noodle soup with vegetarian dumpings, which arrived in a surprisingly large bowl and unlike most dumpling experiences, I didn’t have to dive in and send my chopsticks on a search into the deep soup. There were plenty of dumplings floating around on top; enough to make me realise that I had over-ordered. The udon noodles were thick and delicous but I couldn’t finish this wonderfully large serving. I wanted to give myself a chance to taste the frozen yoghurt, tempting in large part by the 100% fat free experience. I had a chocolate frozen yoghurt covered in fresh blueberries, which I made sure I finished. It was delicious.

So my verdict? I’m so glad for Mori’s arrival. Whilst I love EAT’s soups, I struggle to find something quick and delicous to eat whilst dashing along the King’s Road. Paul’s baguettes are tasty but they can feel quite heavy and there are only so many supermarket sandwiches one should be allowed to eat in one’s lifetime. Mori is a welcomed change and I’m so pleased I’ve found somewhere where I can grab quality sashmi to go. Heaven.

MORI has now closed down on the King’s Road. 

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