Baity Kitchen

On Saturday, I had the most delicious post-gym lunch. It was salmon linguine at Baity Kitchen, which is situated in the heart of Brompton Cross on Walton Street.

Over the last couple of months, since Baity opened, the word of mouth about this place has been too intriguing to ignore. And last week, when I walked past the restaurant and saw that it was full during a Sunday lunchtime, I knew I had to return and try it out for myself.

My linguine was very satisfying and yet so light. The flavours were wonderfully complicated with freshly chopped herbs sprinkled throughout the dish. The salmon, which was mixed in, was both raw and cooked. And the large olives and cherry tomatoes were both so juicy.

To make this new experience even more special, the staff were charming and attentive; not to mention quite gorgeous in the guy department.

So as I sipped a Sauvignon Bordeaux with my meal, surrounded by stylishly dressed locals, I was pleased to have discovered what is already becoming a Chelsea treasure.

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