What’s new in 2011?

A few things I’m looking forward to on King’s Road in 2011:

1. Reopening of Picasso

This King’s Road institution has been transformed from an Italian coffee shop into a cafe/bar/restaurant and it is looking decidedly swish through the glass doors. The feel of a family business seems to have been replaced by a more corporate trendy style. And instead of looking to cater for the locals who appreciate its cosy decor, the refurbished interior looks like it will attract a much wider clientele. Nonetheless, Picasso’s name is still over the door and the bar and booths look very inviting. Can’t wait for it to open.

2. Opening of Mori

Ugh. It has always bothered me that it’s impossible to grab quality sushi to go or drop in for a fast food service. Fulham Road has Feng Sushi (to reopen on 6th January and hopefully with a loo for its customers) and Brompton Cross has Itsu. Sure, you can pop into a supermarket or Pret A Manager on King’s Road and find sushi box sets but I have never found these places to be particularly delicious when it comes to raw fish.

One of my favourite places to grab sushi to go is The Japan Centre and I have always felt insanely jealous that the West End has this great institution. So, what a great new year’s surprise to discover that something called Mori is opening on King’s Road. Other branches include St. John’s Wood and Marylebone High Street. I’m not too familiar with the former but I love and trust anything that comes from the latter. A quality sushi shop on King’s Road? Bring it on and here’s hoping!

3. Proud‘s King’s Road exhibition

Always a fan of Proud, since they opened in Camden with their great rooftop bar, I can’t wait to see which photos will be on display to celebrate this historical road.

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