The Kooples

The Kooples has finally arrived onto the King’s Road and injected a sense of French urban chic onto the street.

When one thinks about the local French community in and around Chelsea, most notably South Kensington, The Kooples’ signature black and grey sharp blazer and skinny trouser look may not spring to mind.

In fact when browsing the latest collection of women’s tops, I was vaguely reminded of the Australian designer Alannah Hill and her floaty feminine look. But when looking closer, the intricate skull designs on the trimming of one of the tops clearly made an edgy statement. Although this top was one of the prettiest things I’d seen in a while, it also screamed attitude.

For men, The Kooples is a real find and long overdue on the King’s Road. Large winter anoraks are reminiscent of Phlip in its heyday and the selection of men’s jeans will hopefully give my boyfriend less to complain about regarding the choice of men’s jeans on King’s Road; Made Man he’s just not.

For the women, The Kooples is sexy. Whether it’s a skinny trouser suit or girly chic, this French label celebrates the feminine edge in style; exactly what the French do best. The beauty of these clothes is in the detail yet in terms of statement, less is more.

As for the shop, its simplicity mirrors the design of the clothes and the fragrant aroma that lingers in the air just makes you want to soak it all up for a while bit longer. This shop should be a hit for both les hommes et les femmes!

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