French Martini at PJ’s

So we’re in the first week of January and I haven’t had my first cocktail of the year yet. Well, I actually have but served up at home: a Horse’s Neck, but I’ll leave that for another post. This post will focus on my last cocktail of 2010 and that was a French Martini at PJ’s on Fulham Road.

It was the lunchtime before Christmas Day and there was just about time to grab something to eat and have my last Chelsea cocktail of the year. And so it was destination PJ’s for both its festive decoration and reliable cocktails.

To accompany my lunch, I ordered a French Martini which consisted of Stolichnaya vodka, shaken with black raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice served straight up, and it was delicious!

It wasn’t too sweet but it was sweet enough and that’s what clinched it for me. With the black raspberry liqeur and pineapple juice, the martini could have tasted sickly sweet especially given the pineapple. Or perhaps that’s my hangover from my teenage Malibu and pineapple days.

The PJ’s French Martini was delicate, flavoursome and most importantly, it was refreshing.


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