The Dusty Rose at The Botanist

Last week I was just about to step into The Botanist when I was asked what my poison was. I replied King’s Robe. But when the kind gentleman went to the bar, I discovered that the King’s Robe was no more. As much as I was devastated that this delicious rhubarb martni was now a distant memory, I was excited to take a look at the menu and discover something new. I chose the Dusty Rose Martini which consisted of a “large shot of Pinky vodka muddled with fresh pink grapefruit, homemade white rose syrup and a splash of fresh lime juice.”

The Dusty Rose was a refreshing drink. It didn’t pull any surprising punches but it did have a delicious sweetness when it touched the lips. Dangerously, it didn’t have a bite either so was easy to knock back. This drink is a definite recommend if you’re looking for something light and not too sweet to drink. The pink rosebud at the bottom is also a very pretty touch.

The antithesis to The Dusty Rose was the Roasted Plum Martini which I tasted at TwentyTen Restaurant at The Wyndham Grand Hotel on Chelsea Harbour. This drink, which consisted of sake, Stolichnaya vodka, roasted plum and golden syrup was confusing. The flavours didn’t blend so easily. They were so jarring that I had to look at the menu to remind myself of the ingredients. Perhaps it was the clash of the sake with the golden syrup that confused my taste buds. It was a pity because this drink was on the verge of being a great martini for Christmas. As much as I tried to enjoy it, I struggled.

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