Home Sweet Home

I’m back on the King’s Road and it feels good! For the last several weeks I’ve been commuting west to Ealing for a job and whilst the work was great, I couldn’t help but wish I were somewhere else: Chelsea.

True, I have worked all over London but for the last couple of years, Chelsea has become more than my home, it is now also my office. So sometimes I sit in the Chelsea Library (where I am right now) and write. Other times I sit in a café, such as Bluebird or Chelsea Bun and work there. But my favourite writing haunt of all is the top floor restaurant of Peter Jones with its large vistas of Chelsea to inspire the imagination.

My office wasn’t the only thing I missed. I also missed having somewhere to go for lunch and I don’t mean just for food. I missed The Saatchi Gallery as well as the V&A (which is only a walk away from the King’s Road). Sometimes, I like to escape to these places if only for an hour to transport myself into another world. I can’t wait to check out the Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography exhibition at the V&A, very soon! There’s also the new Keith Richards photography exhibition at Proud Chelsea, which I sadly missed the launch party for.

When I think back to everything I’ve missed over the last several weeks, I realise that there’s never a dull moment in Chelsea. There is always something going on: whether it is fresh and innovative or retro and classic, King’s Road spoils me on a daily basis and that’s why I love working here.

Mina Zaher

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