Pre-Christmas MOT

Whilst King’s Road is in full festive swing with its gorgeous lights and Christmas trees, last week was time to put myself in for a pre-Christmas MOT. So I booked myself in for a Kiehl’s facial, perfectly timed but not in anticipation of my Martini fuelled hangover from Sophie’s Steakhouse the night before.

Without realising it, I had discovered the perfect hangover cure thanks to the wonderful hydrating facial massage that was part of the treatment. And as my dehydrated skin was being brought back to life with a healthy glow, I also had the pleasure of getting to know Stephen who was taking care of me.

Stephen has been working on King’s Road since 1968 and had plenty of stories to tell, including the time when he worked at Elliott’s shoe shop where The Beatles and The Rolling Stones used to hang out.

This led me across the road to Proud Gallery Chelsea which unveiled a new John Lennon photography exhibition on Wednesday. The intimate photos of John and Yoko were a delightful glimpse into the closeness of their relationship whilst early photos of The Beatles reminded us that these legends were once fresh faced pop stars at the beginning of their career. And speaking to Jess at the gallery, I also discovered that Proud Chelsea’s building used to be the location for The Beatles’ tailor which was part-owned by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

In a world where communication is becoming less personal, it’s a real joy to speak to the other Chelsea locals and discover the stories that helped establish King’s Road as an important chapter in fashion and music history.

Mina Zaher

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