Window Shopping

The other day I took a walk around Chelsea and King’s Road to see what was in the shops and found my top picks. Here they are:

Well, everything in Fifi Wilson. No, really. OK, to narrow it down, I was enchanted by Colenimo’s wonderful designs: the ones that hadn’t flown off the rails yet.

This Colenimo cardigan and top for example:

I also discovered this Autumn Cashmere Leopard Scarf in Mimi, which is perfect for this season’s obsession with the fifties.

The black makes its fashion statement a little understated; just the way I like it.

Other items that caught my eye included the Tweed Hanging Jacket from Brora and a Helmut Lang Jumper from The Shop at Bluebird.

But stepping into autumn isn’t just about fashion.  For some it is about going back to school and for others it is about returning to work after a summer break.

In relation to the latter, I would like to say welcome back to Love Bakery which re-opened last week following a summer refurbishment. I popped in on Friday and their cupcakes were already fast disappearing off the shelves. So I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one who has missed their red velvet cupcakes.

This is one happy Chelsea Girl.

Mina Zaher

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