Dirty Martini at Sophie’s Steakhouse

I have a confession to make. Up until three years ago, I had never eaten at Sophie’s Steakhouse. I had nothing against red meat and had heard rave reviews about their delicious sauce but my regular presence at this Chelsea establishment was firmly rooted in the bar area. Sharing a bottle of bubbles with girlfriends or sipping on a cocktail or few seemed like a happy enough place for me. Then something happened. I started dating a man who loved steak and one day he suggested grabbing a bite to eat at Sophie’s.

Stepping into the dining area was the strangest feeling as I felt I was being taken away from my cocktail haven for a bit of food. So with martinis in mind, I set out to find a drink to accompany my steak. I knew sipping a Mojito wouldn’t cut it with a bowl of chips.

One random evening, my quest was accomplished. I think it was one of those nights just before last food orders and I had asked for a Dirty Martini. I can’t remember what dish I had ordered (something seemingly light) but I remembered that the bf had ordered steak. As I reached over to help myself to a slice of the bf’s meat, followed by a sip of my Dirty Martini, I had finally found the best food and drink combo since I first discovered Black Velvet with oysters at J Sheekey. And a few years later, this is still my drink of choice with Sophie’s steak frites.

The rich olive taste of a Dirty Martini is the perfect compliment to a steak but not just any steak. The steak has to be accompanied by the two essential sauces that initially arrive with a Sophie’s steak and Sophie’s chips are perfect for added value. The steak’s flavour exudes with a well-prepared Dirty Martini whilst the drink works to indulge the palette beyond the obvious taste.

The Dirty Martini isn’t on Sophie’s cocktail menu but I truly recommend that next time you’re at Sophie’s to ask for it. This has to be one of my favourite cocktail experiences ever.

Dirty Martini Recipe.

*Please note that there is no direct relationship between Ms. Dahl and this lively Chelsea restaurant unless I’m missing out on some interesting news.*


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