Chinese New Year 2016 at Yauatcha

Last week I took a stroll through Chinatown as I headed towards Soho and to Yauatcha …


… The reason for my visit was to review Yauatcha’s special Chinese New Year menu that celebrates the brand new Year of the Monkey.

The monkey represents wisdom and is considered to be a flexible sign especially as it resembles humans the most. People born under the sign of the monkey are considered to be energetic by nature, charismatic, loyal and are seen to have leadership. So on this note, with a cheeky monkey year to look forward to, I was excited to try Yauatcha’s latest menu.

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

I’ve always thought there was one floor to Yauatcha but this time we were seated downstairs, which I loved. There is a bar with an in-built aquarium down here and the stylish interior was complimented by the very relaxed atmosphere. There’s definitely something about the restaurants in the Hakkasan Group that makes them easy places to lose any sense of time as you indulge …

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

… and their menus are also a good reason to linger.

The meal started with foie gras and roast duck puffs …

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

… which I enjoyed as I sipped my Pink Kumquat cocktail with Monkey 47 sloe gin, Diplomatico Reserva rum, Domaine de Cantone ginger liqueur, cranberries and rice syrup. Gorgeous! Chinese New Year at Yautcha

The puffs were then followed by caviar taro dumplings and … Chinese New Year at Yautcha

… caviar siew long buns, which surprise you with a burst of soup when you bite into it.

ChinatownThe Yauatcha scallop yusheng with radish, Japanese seaweed, grapefruit, pomegranate, pumpkin and mushroom arrived at the table looking quite artistic …

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

… before it was expertly mixed up and served onto our plates.


My second cocktail was the Saffron Gin and Tonic, which …

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

… I enjoyed with the Hakka fortune pot, which comes with prawn, abalone, dried scallops, roast duck, seabass, lotus root, Chinese leaves and mushroom.

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

To accompany this feast, we also had the dried oyster fried sticky rice with dried shrimp. I savoured every mouthful.

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

Finally, the macarons arrived and admittedly I snapped these and ate them later. The gin and tonic macaron with Monkey 47 gin, grapefruit pâte de fruits and tonic buttercream was divine as were the juniper berry and camomile buttercream macarons. Light, full of flavour and the buttercream fillings take these macarons to another level.

Chinese New Year at Yautcha

Overall I had a fantastic time at Yauatcha. The service was great and the food and cocktails were wonderful as ever. If the Year of the Monkey is going to be anything like this menu then all I can say is, bring it on! :)

Yauatcha, 15-17 Broadwick St, London W1F 0DL

Disclaimer: The meal was complimentary for the purpose of the review and it doesn’t sway the fact that it was a gorgeous meal all-round.

Monday Musings: Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday and it’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year according to a British holiday company who did the calculations in 2005. And whilst the sums may tell us to be down I can’t help but think perhaps they got it wrong. After all, isn’t January supposed to be the month when we really focus on ourselves? New year resolutions, detoxing, the 30-Day Shred – you name it. There are so many reasons to be feeling better than you probably did during the hangover season of the Christmas party season.

For me, one of the reasons why I’m feeling good in my skin is my new found beauty routine which I’m determined to not let slip as the year progresses.

Before Christmas I was asked to review QMS Medicosmetics’ new Classic Collage Set …

QMS Medicsometics

I started 2016 hitting the ground running with work and my personal life, potty training being the next big thing to deal with in our household – when it hit me that my skincare beauty routine was pretty much ad hoc at best.

Seeing QMS Medicosmetics’ bottles in my office and remembering Dr. Schulte’s wise words that “from 30 years old onwards, it’s time to think about collagen which starts to decrease in quality and quantity because at this stage our skin starts losing the capability to retain moisture,” I knew I needed to get my act together.

There is plenty of science behind this pioneering collagens range but in essence this innovative line is designed to “deliver an even greater effectiveness in targeting premature skin aging, stimulating cell renewal and providing intense hydration across more layers of the skin.”

The collagen sets also include either an Exfoliant Fluid or a Debrassive Gel, which remind me of the fruit acid and enzyme exfoliation that always do wonders to my skin when I go for a facial at QMS Medicosmetics.

I had been planning to write this review in reference to giving my skin a January MOT but when I saw my skin in the mirror this morning – looking shiny and healthy despite the central heating being turned up at home and the cold winter weather outside – I felt I had already conquered Blue Monday and that I knew the secret to feeling good. It’s simple: look after your skin, look after yourself.

Chelsea Girl

RIP David Bowie

I was never lucky enough to meet the music legend David Bowie, I never had a chance to see him in concert and only the other day when I was in a meeting, I expressed my regret that I never made it to the David Bowie is… exhibition at the V&A even though I’m a member. But like countless people around the world, Bowie’s music affected me for no other reason than because of its beauty: the melodies, the lyrics, the vast ideas which Bowie explored and the theatricality of his persona. Everything about this musician inspired me and today a lot of people woke up to the sad news that he had passed away.

There really were no words. The world was shocked and saddened.

But let’s not forget what a music icon David Bowie was and to celebrate what he left behind I just wanted to share three of my favourite Bowie songs, the ones I tend to play over again when I start listening to them – as I did today.

RIP David Bowie and thank you for the beautiful music.

Chelsea Girl

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